Web, Mobile & Software Developer, Hobbyist Photographer, Studying at the University of Waterloo

About Me

What I Know

  • Go
  • C
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Atmel & MIPS Assembly
  • HTML
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • CSS & Responsive Design
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Mac & iOS
  • Unix/Linux
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Windows
  • OOP


April 2015 — August 2015
In the summer of 2015, I worked on DFENow, one of the products I had developed the previous year, working with client input and implementing desired functionality, as well as a complete refactor of the client code implementation to a more object-oriented, and logical layout. I also worked on multiple feature implementations in the established mobile web application, as well as custom SQL queries/triggers & reports for clients, and a new concept website for the company. I created a new Office Add-In product for use in Outlook, that integrates with the flagship product, Deskflow Enterprise. Finally, I spearheaded a virtualized infrastructure roll-out for better service to South-American clients.
May 2014 — August 2014
In the summer of 2014, I built two new full-stack web-application products using PHP, HTML5, CSS3/Bootstrap, Javascript/jQuery, & SQL. I also worked on SQL script/query building, and customized reports for various clients, in addition to a preliminary data conversion and import for a new client. Finally, I spent some time exploring new feature implementation in native code for the flagship product, Deskflow Enterprise.
Developer Intern - StrokeLink
June 2012 — September 2012
In the summer of 2012, I worked with StrokeLink, a Next 36 venture. StrokeLink is a start-up company focused on developing a tablet app designed to help in the re-habilitation of stroke patients. During my time there, I worked as part of the iPad app development team, coding for iOS in Objective-C and developing Java server code.
Web Developer - IntelliResponse Inc.
July 2011 — August 2011
I worked at IntelliResponse Systems Inc. as a summer student web developer, building web interfaces utilizing the IntelliResponse system, built to customer specifications. Their software allows consumers to ask natural language questions, and receive highly accurate responses. A large portion of my time was spent building the initial draft of a new web interface for a major Canadian retailer, based off of image mock-ups.


University of Waterloo 2011 — Current
I am currently completing my final term at the University of Waterloo. I primarily studied Computer Science, including Computer Security and Privacy, Operating Systems, User Interfaces, Database Management, Data Structures and Data Management, Computer Organization and Design, Foundations of Sequential Programs, Object Oriented Development, and Logic and Computation. I am expecting to complete a BMath degree by December 2015.
Royal St. Georges College 2007 — 2011
I completed my Ontario Secondary School Diploma in 2011, with a 97% in Computer Engineering (TEI4M), 95% in Computer Science (ICS4U), and a 95% in Calculus & Vectors (CLV4U). I was also a member of the Reach for the Top team for three years.


A small, dependency free, script to help in lazy/async loading of resources on a webpage. It is designed to be small, simple, and to the point. It's meant to make lazy-loading resources easy, with support for unreachable resource fallbacks.
A native Mac application for 8tracks.com. It includes keybaord media key support for playing/pausing and skipping music, as well as iTunes style notifications for track information.
A small menu-bar application to temporarily keep your Mac awake longer than usual.
The result of my final assignment for CS 349 – User Interfaces, this is a completely client-side Javascript widget designed to show the current weather conditions in Waterloo. It pulls data directly from the campus weather station using the Waterloo Open Data API, as well as data from Weather Underground. Originally designed to work as a widget in a portal-style website, this widget tries to follow the Model-View-Controller design, and dynamically loads any additional content it requires (such as fonts or other Javascript libraries) into the page.
A simple URL shortener web app, built using the Go programming language.
This project is open source
A Javascript/jQuery based web app designed to easily format HTML/CSS/Javascript code to be displayed on a webpage.
A jQuery plugin allowing web developers to implement a customizable scrollbar, which can be styled using CSS.
A Java applet showcasing different forms of fractal geometry. This is a combination of many projects from my Gr. 12 ICS4U Computer Science course.
A self-contained system designed to be able to display a message on an LED matrix, and designed to be easily expandable to add more LED matrices.
Mandelbrot Set Fractals
The result of my final project for my Gr. 11 ICS3U Computer Science class; A Java application that generates a graphical representation of the Mandelbrot Set. Downloadable Jar File
A device that was designed to recharge 2-4 AA batteries using solar power, while tracking the sun to keep as much sunlight on the solar panels as possible.