Version 1.0.2

A Desktop client for 8tracks

Have all the awesomeness that is, but now with native app capabilities

Media Key Control

Control your mix using your Mac's built in media keys.

Use the ┃┃ and keys to play, pause, and skip tracks.


Get iTunes style notifications about tracks as they play.

Dark Mode

For when your screen is still too bright, even on the lowest setting.

To turn Dark Mode on or off, simply hit + D.

Plus everything great about

MacTracks is just a native Mac application around the same that you know and love.

It has all the features you're already used to.

And it's Free

You read that right. Free.

I made MacTracks mostly for myself. Including all the features that I've always wished 8tracks had into a Mac app.


Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Mac OS do I need?
MacTracks requires Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer to run. This is because MacTracks uses WKWebView to wrap around, which was only released in Mac OS X 10.10.
Why is it free?
It's not guaranteed that MacTracks is going to work tomorrow. MacTracks is just a wrapper application around, with a little extra JavaScript injected to let MacTracks control the music and give you track info notifications. That being so, a change to could cause MacTracks to break any time in the future.
Why can't I log in with my Facebook or Google account?
Currently, logging into 8tracks using your Facebook or Google account from within MacTracks is unsupported, and no future support for this feature is planned. To use MacTracks with a Google or Facebook authenticated 8tracks account, you must first log into in Safari (it must be Safari), then re-launch MacTracks.
Why are there ads?
MacTracks is just a wrapper application around, so you get the same ads that you would get if you just went to in your browser.